Twenty years experience in Fashion /Fine Art photography with numerous magazines and shows to my credit. Team player with leadership and outstanding communication skills. Artist/Educator with experience that includes Academic Advising and student workshop development for higher education. Faculty advisor for student organizations and lecturer at High School's and Universities.  




  • C.A.S.         Studies in Arts & Humanities, New York University
  • M.A.           Creative Related Arts, International Centre of Photography /New York University
  • B.A.S.         Information System And Business Applications, Boston University
  • A.A.S.         Communication Electronics, Graham Junior College, Boston, Mass



  • New York University
  • Boston University
  • Graham Jr. College
  • Hammond, Indiana School System
  • The Hetrick Martin Institute
  • The Bushwick School for Social Justice
  • Creative Outlet Dance Theater
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • The School Of Visual Arts      


Commercial Artist/Fine Art Photographer

 Photographer with major projects for Keller Williams NYC, DNA Magazine, Essence Magazine, K-3 Magazines, Seventeen Magazine, Genre Magazine, Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, McMohon Publishing, Nautica, Verge USA, Brandonology Inc., Chamblu Music Management, Sandal Sole Footwear, Blue Magazine, Giraudon Shoes, Celebrity Worldwide Ltd., Multi-Media International LLC, Major Models, Fusion Modeling Agency, New York Models, MPE Model Management, Elite Models, Real People Models, Nouveaux Models, Choice Men Model Management and Concert Music Productions.


Publications, Editorials and Reviews:

  • "Adrian Jones", Focus Magazine - Issue 22, New York 2011       
  • "David Leddick, The Nude Male: 21st Century Visions , Universe Books, New York 2009
  • "Manhattan Heat" ,DNA Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2005
  • "Denim On The Rocks", Genre Magazine, New York 2005
  • "Verge", L'uomo Vogue, Italy 2004
  • "Shore Fire", Genre Magazine, New York 2004
  • "Personal Best", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2004
  • "New York Rooftops", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2004
  • "The Fall Guise", Genre Magazine, New York 2003
  • "Doll", Genre Magazine, Los Angeles 2003
  • "Tiffany Withers of BET.Com", Black Hair and Braids, N.Y. 2003
  • "Adrian Jones", Art Almanac, Melbourne, Australia 2003
  • "Photograph-Adrian Jones", MCV, Melbourne, Australia 2003
  • "An Evocative Display", Melbourne Star, Melbourne, Australia 2003
  • "Striptease", Genre Magazine, Los Angeles 2003
  • "Out In The Open" Black Hairstyles and Trends, New York 2003
  • "Light Touch", DNA , Sydney, Australia 2003
  • "All Fired Up", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2003
  • "Out In The Sticks", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2003
  • "The Gaiety Theatre", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2003
  • "The Pleasure Principle", 101 Hairstyles, New York 2002
  • "Town and Country", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2002
  • "What's Hot", 101 Hairstyles, New York 2002
  • "Beach and Beyond", DNA, Sydney, Australia 2002
  • "First Five Years of Blue", Blue/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2002
  • "Adrian Jones-Blue Print", Blue/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2002
  • "Playtime In Provincetown",DNA, Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "New York City Boys-Winter Fashion Special",DNA, Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "David Leddick, The Male Nude Now", Rizzoli Books, New York, 2001
  • "Art Gallery Guide Australia", Sydney, Australia, 2001
  • "Adrian Jones" Art Almanac Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "Ben Wyld Spotlight", Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "Dream Boys Vol. 2", Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "Weekender Get a Life", The Age-Good Weekend Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2001
  • "Compare and Contrast", Blue #28/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 2000
  • "Mardi Gras" Blue #19/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 1999
  • "Bald", Essence Magazine, New York 1998
  • "David Leddick, The Male Nude", Taschen Books, Germany 1998
  • "Naked Ambition", Blue #7/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 1997
  • "Still Life", Blue #2/Studio Magazine, Sydney, Australia 1997
  • "Artist's Statement", Cover Magazine, New York 1987
  • "Arts In America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artist", New York 1986-87
  • "A Documentary", East Village Guide, New York 1986



  • 2009      The Nude, Gloria Kennedy Galley, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2009      Australian and International Works on Paper and Photography, Galerie Chez Oliver, Prahran, Australia
  • 2008      Coney Island, The Museum, Fashion Institute of Technology, N.Y.
  • 2007     Works on Paper, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, Australia
  • 2005      Heroes, Stacy Steward Smith Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2005     Charles Nordrum Gallery @ Art Melbourne, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2004     There’s Something About that Landscape: Contemporary Responses in Painting, Photography & Graphics, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, Australia
  • 2004      *Works, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne Australia (Solo)
  • 2003      Pink & Blue Gala, Center for Great Expectations, Somerville
  • 2001      *New York Flower Suite, Ross Watson Gallery, Melbourne
  •               Creative Madness, Volvo Gallery, Sydney Australia
  •               Muses, Leslie Lohman Gallery, New York,
  •               *Pop’s Garden, Volvo Gallery, Sydney Australia
  • 2002      Leslie Lohman Gallery, New York.
  • 1998      Stonewall Bar, Sydney Australia (Solo)
  • 1997      Lambda Legal Defense Auction, New York
  • 1996      Leslie Lohman Gallery, New York
  • 1993      Leslie Lohman Gallery, New York
  • 1990      *Quick, New York N.Y. (Solo)
  •               Amon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
  • 1989      *Adrian Jones, Gallery 28, Boston, Mass (Solo)
  •               *A New Beginning: Artists from the African Diaspora (Solo)  
  •               New York University Gallery, New York N.Y.
  •               M.A. Thesis Exhibition 80 Washington Square East, N.Y. 
  • 1987      Photo Show, Who’s Gallery Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • 1986      Artists’ Auction for the Poor, New York  
  •               A Stable Dozen, 9th Precinct Gallery, New York
  •               Dealer’s Choice, 9th Precinct Gallery, New York
  •               Papyrus, 9th Precinct Gallery, New York
  • 1985      Outside Manhattan Show, 9th Precinct Gallery, New York




  Finalist “Glamour & Beauty” American Photography Magazine




  • Charles Nodrum Gallery
  • Nicholas O’Donohue & Co (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Bimbadgen Estates Winery




Odacava in the Customs House (Sydney, Australia)